Baby Dolls

Cute and cuddly

Baby Doll

Cicci Bello - Baby doll that you care for in every way.
Disney Sparkle Baby Dolls - Disney princesses as babies.
Little Mommy Baby Achoo Doll - Baby Ah-Choo doll makes over thirty real sounds such as sneezing and saying she is sick.
Better Now Baby Doll - Bear thermometer is one of the ways you help your baby doll get better now

Kinder GardenKinder Garden Baby Dolls baby buddies come with doll carriers, feeding chairs, and beds.
Baby Doll CenterLittle Mommy Baby Check-Up Center play doctor with your favorite baby doll.
Princess AlexaPrincess Alexa baby doll is soft and cuddly and transforms into a little princess who drinks real water and wets her royal diaper.
5sies5sies quintiplet mini doll giftset with playhouse, stroller, high chair, and merry-go-round from MGA Entertainment.
Little Mommy Shopping CartLittle Mommy Shopping Cart includes play food, baby seat, and pretend cell phone to check doll house list items.

Amazing Babies Dolls - Amazing babies make superb gifts.

Baby Annabell

Baby Born

Babie Born Mini World - New from Zapf Creations.

Baby Go Boom

Baby I Know Doll - She knows a lot of things and she tells you.

Chou Chou

Little Mommy Doll

Miracle Baby Doll

Miracle Moves Baby

Mommy's Little Patient Doll

My Dream Baby

My Little Baby

My Newborn Baby

Talking Potty Dotty

Tickle Secrets

Too Cute Twins