Beyblade Shogun Steel Tops

Samuri cyclone stadium

Beyblade Shogun Steel TopsThis Samurai Cyclone Battle Set has everything you need to pit 2 exclusive Shogun Steel Beybattle tops against each other. Launch into rocking, spinning Cyclone action in the included exclusive Cyclone Beystadium arena. Your exclusive Samurai top has a Spin Track part with Wings to help stabilize its spinning attack and a Circle Flat Performance Tip piece for side-gripping action. The exclusive Ninja Salamander top's Spin Track part lets you switch from attack to defense, while its Semi Defense Performance Tip piece steadies its trajectory. Intense Synchrome Technology lets you combine 2 Warrior Wheels from different tops for a heavier top with double Metal power. Customize for battle, then take on your friends. You'll rule the arena with the Samurai Cyclone Battle Set.

The Samurai were a class of elite warriors that emerged in feudal Japan, primarily during the Heian period (794-1185 AD). Initially serving as provincial warriors, their influence grew as they became central figures in Japanese military and politics. By the 12th century, during the Kamakura period, the Samurai established themselves as the dominant military class, leading to the rise of the shogunate system where military dictators, or shoguns, ruled Japan. Over the centuries, the Samurai were not just warriors but also became well-educated landowners, following a strict code of conduct known as Bushido, which emphasized honor, loyalty, and martial arts skills. The Samurai's dominance persisted until the Meiji Restoration in the late 19th century, when Japan modernized its military and the Samurai class was officially abolished. However, their legacy continues to influence Japanese culture and the global perception of Japanese history.