Disney Planes Remote Control Dusty

Disney Planes wing control Dusty crophopper radio control plane

Disney Planes Remote Control DustyThe amazing RC plane that lets you become the heroic flyer from Disney Planes. The controller makes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper follow your every move, and his propellers start spinning when you drive him forward. He even has 3 pre-programmed moves he'll perform at the touch of a button. Includes Dusty Crophopper RC vehicle, left wing and right wing controller.

Dusty Crophopper is a central character from Disney's animated film "Planes," which is a spin-off of the popular "Cars" franchise. Originally designed as a crop-dusting plane, Dusty dreams of becoming a racing champion. However, his fear of heights and non-sporty design present challenges. With determination, a group of supportive friends, and rigorous training, Dusty overcomes his limitations and competes in the renowned Wings Across the World race. His journey is not just about racing, but also about self-discovery, friendship, and courage. Dusty's character embodies the spirit of perseverance, teaching audiences that with hard work and belief in oneself, one can achieve seemingly impossible dreams.