Fire Breathing Toothless Dragon

DreamWorks Dragons Defenders of Berk

Fire Breathing Toothless DragonFor the first time ever you can control the fire breathing power of a real dragon. Featuring never-before-seen realistic blue fire breath and glow-in-the-dark firing projectiles, Giant Fire Breathing Toothless is the fiercest dragon of them all. With pose able wings and a wingspan of over 22 Inch, Toothless is the ultimate dragon. With Giant Fire Breathing Toothless, you can recreate the awesome adventures of How to Train Your Dragon and DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk.

Toothless is the iconic Night Fury dragon from the "How to Train Your Dragon" series. Sleek, mysterious, and initially believed to be one of the most feared species of dragons, he is characterized by his jet-black scales, large green eyes, and retractable teeth, which give him his name. Contrary to the terrifying legends surrounding Night Furies, Toothless reveals a playful, loyal, and intelligent nature once he forms a bond with the protagonist, Hiccup. This relationship challenges and eventually overturns the preconceived notions the Viking community has about dragons. Toothless's aerodynamic build allows him to execute incredible aerial acrobatics, and he possesses a unique ability to harness and focus fire into powerful plasma blasts. As the story unfolds, he evolves from a wild creature into both a fierce protector and a loyal companion, symbolizing the powerful bond that can exist between humans and the wild when approached with understanding and compassion.