Lego Ninjago Ninja Copter

Build the ninja copter - playsets from Lego Ninjago

Lego Ninjago Ninja CopterA thrilling battle is raging above New Ninjago City as the conflict for the Techno-Blades reaches new heights. Battle-scarred Zane, with his half-robot/half-Ninja face and Pixel must work together in the Ninja Copter to outwit the attacking Nindroids. Spin the propellers and rear jet engines to soar into action. Fire the front flick missiles and rotating shooting cannons, taking care to evade the spinning saw blades of the Nindroid jet fighter. And beware - at any moment the Nindroid may launch the attack glider to double the aerial assault. Includes 4 mini figures with weapons: Zane, Pixel and 2 Nindroids.

Ninja-themed toys hold a captivating allure for both children and enthusiasts of all ages. Rooted in ancient Japanese folklore and martial arts traditions, ninjas embody a mystique of stealth, skill, and courage. The allure of ninja-themed toys lies in the opportunity to step into the shoes of these legendary figures, embracing their secretive and daring lifestyle. The toys often feature intricate weaponry, specialized gear, and ninja attire, allowing for imaginative play and creative storytelling. Whether through action figures, role-playing sets, or building kits, these toys tap into the fascination with martial arts, espionage, and the thrill of mastering covert techniques. The appeal also extends to themes of honor, loyalty, and self-discipline, providing a framework for meaningful narratives while offering an exciting blend of adventure, strategy, and heroism.