Power Rangers Megaforce Ultimate Megazord

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Power Rangers Megaforce Ultimate MegazordThe centerpiece of the Power Rangers' Zord arsenal is the iconic Megazord. The Megaforce Power Rangers' command center has been reconfigured by Tensou into the powerful Gosei Ultimate Megazord and is ready for action. This incredible spaceship command center has multiple play modes to help you to recreate all of the intense Power Rangers battles. Soar through space in spaceship mode and then morph for battle in Megazord mode. For even more excitement, morph into unique combinations with other items within the ZordBuilder collection. The ZordBuilder collection allows you to create multiple different Megazords straight from the television show, or take the excitement to the next level by creating your own unique Zord combinations. Collect and combine with any other item that is part of the ZordBuilder collection (35070, 35080, 35090 each sold separately) In addition to its ZordBuilder capabilities, the Gosei Ultimate Megazord can be combined with the Deluxe Gosei Morpher (35001, sold separately) to form into command center mode which can be used with all of your Power Rangers four inch action figures. With so many ways to play, the Gosei Ultimate Megazord is a must have for both children and collectors alike.

Megazord is a colossal robotic machine in the Power Rangers series, formed by combining several individual Zords, which are mechanical vehicles piloted by the Power Rangers. When the Power Rangers face particularly formidable foes, they summon and combine their Zords to create the Megazord, a more powerful entity that possesses enhanced strength and abilities. The configuration and appearance of the Megazord can vary depending on the specific Zords being combined and the series iteration. Throughout the various Power Rangers series, there have been different versions of Megazords, each reflecting the theme and storyline of that particular season. The Megazord typically wields weapons, has the ability to execute special moves, and plays a pivotal role in the Rangers' battles against giant-sized adversaries.