Microchargers HyperDome

Battle dome stadium

Microchargers HyperDomeThe Ultimate Micro Chargers champion will be decided in the Hyper Dome where kids will launch their brand new Micro Chargers Stunt Cars into the battle dome and battle it out until one cars falls to its demise. The Hyper Dome is a racing experience unlike any other, this is an experience not to be missed. This set includes a battle dome, two Micro Chargers Stunt Cars, two handheld chargers and two stat cards.

Micro Chargers Stunt Cars offer a thrilling experience of high-speed racing and spectacular stunts in a compact size. These tiny, motorized cars are designed to zoom at impressive speeds, making them perfect for adrenaline-packed races. The fun lies not just in their speed, but also in the various tracks and playsets available, which often feature loops, jumps, and other challenging stunts. Kids can launch their cars and watch in awe as they perform gravity-defying tricks, compete against each other, or race against the clock. The collectible nature of the cars, each with its unique design and attributes, adds another layer of excitement, as enthusiasts seek to acquire different models and compare their performances. The combination of speed, stunts, and strategy makes Micro Chargers Stunt Cars a captivating toy for those who crave fast-paced action in a miniature format.