Ionics Building System - Teknai Nights

Revolutionize construction play with the shapes

Ionics Building System - Teknai NightsBravenwolf, the fearless leader of the Tenkai Knights must lead the charge against the evil Vilius and his Corrupted army. Shapeshift from brick to robot and build his armor, energy cape and shield. Swing into battle by unleashing his all-powerful Tenkai energy infused sword. And when the battle gets tough, unlock even more Tenkai energy by calling on the combined power of Bravenwolf, Tributon, Leinad and Kutor. Shift and combine each character to create Robofusion and soar into battle as the mighty Prodojet. Build your Tenkai army and discover an entire world of shapeshifting bricks: humanoid, winged, 4-legged, action, titan, power and weapon bricks. Each one contains its own unique shapeshifting power and is compatible with leading construction brands. Collect them all to unleash your Tenkai energy. Recreate epic battles from the Tenkai Knights anime series. Only you can master your Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius and his Corrupted army.

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