New technology puts you in the game with a video camera catches your every move

GoGo TVGoGo TV is a video game system that plugs directly into your television for easy set up. The GoGo TV main console combines video camera technology with infrared and motion sensors to put you in the game. GoGo TV tracks your moves and allows you to interact with objects on screen. The GoGo TV console comes four games that have unlimited skill levels. Balloon Juggling, Break A Brick, Penguin Chase, and Flash Card Fishing.

Low-level game systems that plug directly into TVs, commonly referred to as "Plug and Play" or "TV games," offered a simplified, all-in-one gaming experience that captured the essence of nostalgia and convenience. Often mimicking the look and feel of classic gaming controllers or even being shaped like the characters from games, these systems usually come pre-loaded with a selection of games and require no additional hardware or software. Simply plugging the device into the TV's AV ports provides instant access to gaming, eliminating the need for separate game consoles, cartridges, or downloads. These systems were especially popular for reviving retro games from platforms like Atari, NES, and arcade classics, providing an easy way for multiple generations to engage with timeless games. The low cost and ease of use made these systems particularly appealing for casual gamers, parents looking for child-friendly options, or anyone interested in a trip down memory lane.