Gameboy Advance Cables

Gameboy Multi-Link Cable

Gameboy Advance CablesGameboy Multi-Link Cable by High Frequency - the cable allows you to hook two gameboys together for multiplayer action.

The GameBoy Advance (GBA), a handheld gaming console released by Nintendo, had the capability to be linked together using a special link cable. This cable allowed for direct data transfer between two or more GameBoy Advance units, enabling multiplayer gameplay on games that supported this feature. The link cable would connect to the "EXT" (external) ports on the top of the GameBoy Advance devices. Once connected, players could engage in co-operative or competitive play across different GBA games, from racing titles to battling in Pokémon. Some games even allowed for more than two players, requiring multiple link cables and a hub to connect everything together. The technology was groundbreaking at the time, as it expanded the potential for handheld gaming beyond a solitary experience, paving the way for more interactive and social gameplay.