Little Tikes Cooking Sounds Gourmet Kitchen

Eleven-sound electronic kitchen center

Little Tikes Cooking Sounds Gourmet KitchenYoung chefs will enjoy preparing a gourmet extravaganza at the stove and microwave console, complete with light-up burners and three cooking sounds. When they turn on the faucet to clean up, they'll hear running water. And they can chat with their friends on the phone, which has four additional sounds and sits in a convenient stove-side bracket when not in use. Altogether there are 15 accessories, including cups, plates, knives and forks, and a frying pan. The main unit is approximately 42 inches high, 38 inches wide, and 18 inches deep and has several shelves and a removable cutting board. This fun electronic kitchen sounds just like home with cool features like a pretend stove-top grill that makes three cooking sounds and has light-up flames. When kids turn on the faucet they'll hear running water, and when they wash the dishes, a motion sensor triggers dish and silverware sounds. A removable cutting board doubles as a doll seat for feeding baby, and an electronic play phone has five realistic sounds. Includes 15 accessories.

If you're looking for the ultimate culinary adventure for your little one, a kitchen playset with sound effects takes imaginative play to a whole new level. Just picture your child flipping an interactive pancake on the skillet, only to be greeted with the authentic sizzle of cooking. The beeping of the oven timer, the bubbling of boiling water, and the chopping of vegetables all add an incredible layer of realism. These sound effects not only engage the senses but also enhance the overall experience, making your young chef feel like they're working in a real kitchen. It's an interactive and immersive experience that combines fun with learning.