My Scene Barbie

Cool teenagers wearing trendy fashions

My SceneThe "My Scene" line is a series of fashion dolls created by Mattel, the same company that produces Barbie dolls. Introduced in 2002, the line was created to appeal to the tween market and compete with MGA Entertainment's Bratz dolls, which were gaining popularity at the time.

The My Scene line initially included three dolls: Barbie, Chelsea, and Madison (known as "Westley" in Europe). The dolls were depicted as teenage girls living in New York City who loved fashion and hanging out with friends. Their facial features were more detailed and stylized than the classic Barbie's, with bigger eyes, fuller lips, and a variety of trendy hairstyles, clearly influenced by the Bratz style. They also had a slightly taller and more articulated body compared to the traditional Barbie.

Each doll in the My Scene line was characterized by a distinct personality and style. Throughout the line's run, more characters were introduced, including male characters, expanding the My Scene universe. The characters included Nolee, Kenzie, Delancey, and others. Male characters included Bryant, Hudson, Ellis, and River.

The dolls were often sold with fashionable outfits and accessories, and playsets were available that reflected their urban lifestyle, such as a café, shopping mall, and night club. The My Scene line also included a web series, several movies, and a website with interactive content.

Despite initial success, the My Scene line faced controversy due to its similarities with the Bratz dolls, leading to a long-running legal dispute between Mattel and MGA Entertainment. After losing popularity, the line was discontinued in the late 2000s, with the final dolls released around 2011.

The My Scene dolls represented a departure from Mattel's traditional Barbie line, reflecting changing trends and preferences in the toy market during the early 2000s.

My Scene Barbie, Chelsea and Madison are cool teenagers wearing trendy fashions. Each doll comes with two complete outfits and two pairs of funky oversized shoes with a groovy purse. These teenage friends love everything about looking good. Girls can mix and match the fashions for lots of hip looks. My Scene Barbie is one of the My Scene Dolls by Mattel. They are ready for this coming Christmas. My Scene Barbie has a bigger head than traditional Barbie. She looks a bit like Bratz or like Diva Stars. She has more fashionable outfits also.

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