Play Fruit and Vegetables

Play fruits and vegetables for play kitchens

Play Fruit and VegetablesFruits and Veggies Play Food Basket is a 13 piece set that includes an apple, pear, banana, 2 strawberries, cucumber, green pepper, carrot, tomato, red onion, celery, and a head of lettuce all in a sturdy plastic shopping basket.

Play fruits and vegetables offer children a delightful way to engage in imaginative play while also educating them about healthy eating habits. These colorful and tactile toys can be 'sliced,' 'cooked,' and 'served,' allowing kids to mimic what they see adults do in the kitchen. Whether they're hosting a pretend dinner party, running a make-believe grocery store, or just exploring different types and colors of food, the options for creative play are virtually endless. Additionally, play fruits and vegetables can serve as educational tools to help children identify different types of produce, enhancing their vocabulary and cognitive skills.