Interactive dinosaur reacts to your voice and has two modes: guard and prank

D-RexA ferocious yet loyal dinosaur robot with an independent personality, D-Rex combines robotics, interactive sensors and reptilian-like skin to create lifelike appearance and behavior. He'll walk, chomp, bare his teeth and roar to let you know what he wants. Pet and feed D-Rex to become his master, then surprise friends and family with his charging attack. Like a real pet, D-Rex will follow the sound of your voice, make funny noises and even protect your room with his roaring guard mode.

A robot T-Rex toy combines the awe and excitement associated with dinosaurs and the wonder of technology. With life-like movements, sound effects, and sometimes even the ability to "roar," these toys captivate children's imaginations and make them feel like they've traveled back in time to the Jurassic period. Many robot T-Rex toys come with a range of interactive features, such as the ability to respond to voice commands or to be controlled via a smartphone app. The blending of paleontology with robotics can spark a child's interest in science and technology, all while providing endless hours of adventurous play.