Transformers Cybertron

Change this toy heroic warrior from ferocious lion to brave Autobot hero and back again

Transformers CybertronDetailed figures with action features and electronic sounds. After learning some lessons at the hands of the jungle leader, Overhaul found greater strength in himself that he thought possible and morphed into the mighty Leobreaker. His new lion mode is nearly unstoppable, perfectly adapted to life on the Jungle Planet. Teamed up with the action figure inhabitants, he's determined to bring Transformers Cybertron freedom. Unlock the power. Change the heroic warrior from ferocious lion to Autobot hero and back again. Hear electronic roar sounds. His tail fends off opponents. Use the Cyber Planet Key to activate his robo claws, or convert for use with super Optimus Prime. Figure comes with key, planet map, and instructions.

Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers, a world steeped in eons of history, tradition, and conflict. Unlike Earth, Cybertron's landscapes are metallic, characterized by vast cityscapes, towering spires, and labyrinthine highways that crisscross its surface. Its core is animated by Primus, the antithesis to the malevolent force known as Unicron. As the birthplace of both Autobots and Decepticons, Cybertron has been the battleground for a prolonged civil war between these two factions. The noble Autobots, led by figures like Optimus Prime, aim to bring peace and prosperity to Cybertron, while the Decepticons, under the command of Megatron, seek dominion and control. This relentless conflict has left vast parts of the planet devastated. Beyond its physical attributes, Cybertron is a symbol of cultural and ideological divisions, reflecting the enduring battle between autonomy and tyranny, hope and despair. Despite its technological marvels and advanced civilization, its essence is marred by the age-old strife, driving the narrative of many Transformers stories.