Gormiti Series 2 Figures

Gormiti figures and trading cards are coming to America from Europe

Gormiti Series 2 FiguresSix different tribes (Earth, Water, Forest, Volcano/Magma and Volcano/Lava) exist in the Gormiti world to collect. Each tribe has its own lord who is determined to control the island of Gorm. New power, new atomic lords, new champions. Action figures and cards.

Playsets that merge action figures with trading cards tap into a multifaceted realm of imagination and strategy. Action figures provide tactile engagement, allowing children to physically enact scenarios, adventures, and battles, giving life to the characters in their hands. On the other hand, trading cards introduce elements of strategy, collection, and randomness. These cards often carry stats, abilities, and lore about the characters or universe, enriching the stories children create. By blending the two, kids can use the cards to guide or enhance their play, adding layers of complexity and depth to their imaginative worlds. Moreover, the collectible nature of trading cards instills a sense of achievement and anticipation, as children eagerly await the next card that could elevate their play or complete their collection. This combination offers a holistic play experience, marrying physical play with intellectual engagement.