Jurassic Copter

Matchbox mega rig building system for helicopter that converts to a hover craft

Jurassic CopterThe Jurassic Park movies are classics that will never get too old. Families will be watching them for years into the future. They don't date themselves. The Jurassic Park helicopter converts to a hover craft in over 25 building combinations. Capture the tyrannosaurus rex and gather up the treasures that he is guarding. Multiple different land and air vehicles can be constructed from this set which comes with claw, propeller, winch, launcher, dart, satellite, mini boat, dinosaur transportation clamps, safari action figure, and dinosaur.

The astronomical success of "Jurassic Park" merchandise is a blend of impeccable timing, universal appeal, and the human fascination with dinosaurs. Released alongside the groundbreaking 1993 film by Steven Spielberg, the merchandise tapped into the movie's awe-inspiring portrayal of these prehistoric giants, making the fantastical seem almost real. Action figures, playsets, clothing, and other memorabilia transported the magic of the film into the hands of fans, allowing them to recreate and expand upon the cinematic experience. Dinosaurs, already a beloved topic among children and adults alike, gained renewed interest, and the Jurassic Park brand capitalized on this intrigue. The quality and diversity of products, combined with smart marketing strategies and the sustained popularity of the movie franchise, cemented the Jurassic Park merchandise's place in pop culture history.