Adjustable Height T-Ball

9 position adjustable and flexible tee for sluggers of all sizes.

Adjustable Height T-BallA simple setup for small (and medium) sluggers, this all-plastic set includes a 15-by-13.5-inch white home plate; a telescoping yellow pole/cup; a wide, lightweight, tan bat; and two white plastic softballs. The pole attaches to the base with a blue concertina piece that allows the pole to spring back into place in case Junior hits it, and not the ball. Your kids may not swing like Griffey just yet, but with the pole height adjustable from 23 up to 32 inches, they'll have several seasons in which to practice.

T-Ball is a simplified and introductory version of baseball, designed primarily for young children who are just beginning to develop their motor skills and grasp the fundamentals of the sport. In T-Ball, players use a stationary batting tee rather than a pitched ball, which allows them to focus on honing their swinging technique and hand-eye coordination. The game promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and basic understanding of the game's rules. T-Ball offers a non-intimidating environment for kids to build confidence and have fun while participating in organized physical activity. It lays the groundwork for a gradual transition to more complex versions of baseball and softball, as players gradually become familiar with concepts like running bases, fielding, and positioning. Overall, T-Ball provides a nurturing introduction to the world of team sports and instills a sense of enthusiasm for physical activity among young athletes.