Air Hogs RC Intruder

RC Radio Control Plane.

Air Hogs RC IntruderThis is truly the best performing introductory R/C airplane in the market. The Intruder is super easy to control. Comes with two modes of operation. Beginner mode controls plane for first five seconds to insure easy take off and advanced mode for total control. The easy to use remote for left and right direction as well as button's for thrust (Take off or quick climbing) and Land Automatically glides to the ground. Flies at 240 MPH scale speed (1:24 scale). Range of control is 200-250 yards. Portable charger has 2 positions. 1 for quick charge which allows you a 1 minute 30 second flight and a full charge which takes approx. 2 and a half minutes. This gives you flights up to 3 minutes. Buy a Red and Purple to fly together or charge one while the other is flying. Video included and if you have any problems call the 800 number and talk to the friendly flight technician. The perfect plane for younger pilots (and anyone still mastering RC flight), the foam-padded Intruder gives you a hand in the cockpit with computer-assisted takeoff and a simplified controller. Just start up the 20-inch-wide aircraft and get out of the way. A single-toggle trim control steers the Intruder left and right, while the Thrust button gives you an extra burst of speed. When you're ready to come down, hit the Land button for a gentle descent (the lightweight plane also lands automatically if it strays out of a roughly 200-yard range). A 10-inch-long charger base lets you fuel up in as little as three minutes, depending on whether you recharge for Speed or Power. Once you've mastered your flying lessons, switch from beginner to advanced mode. Includes a Learn to Fly video. The Intruder is super easy to control. Toggle for left and right direction control, and button for thrust control. Automatically glides to the ground when signal is lost. Flies at 240 MPH scale speed (1:24 scale). Range of control is 200 - 250 yards. Awards: Hot Picks - Action Toys (Toy Wishes Magazine).

Scale Speed in R/C Toys

Scale speed in R/C (Radio-Controlled) toys refers to the speed at which the model or replica vehicle moves relative to its real-life counterpart. In the world of R/C hobbies, many enthusiasts create and operate miniature versions of various vehicles, such as cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats. These models are often built to a specific scale, which means their size and proportions are reduced versions of the actual vehicles they represent.

Scale speed takes into account the ratio between the size of the R/C model and the size of the real vehicle. For instance, if an R/C car is built to a 1/10 scale, it means that 1 inch (or centimeter) on the model represents 10 inches (or centimeters) on the real car. Therefore, when the R/C car is moving at a certain speed, its scale speed would be calculated based on how fast the real car would be traveling if it were scaled down by the same factor.

Scale speed is important in R/C modeling because it helps maintain a sense of realism and proportionality. Enthusiasts often strive to replicate the performance and behavior of the real vehicles as closely as possible, including their speed capabilities. This attention to scale speed enhances the overall experience of operating and controlling R/C toys, contributing to the authenticity and enjoyment of the hobby.