Alarm Safe

Alarm Safe by Wild Planet

Alarm SafeLock the sage, set the motion sensor and if somebody moves it -- busted! Lots of places to stash your stuff. Hang the alarm on your door know to protect your room. Set your own access code. Recommended for 5 and up. Keep your treasures safe! This locking safe has a motion-sensor alarm and includes compartments to hold all your valuables - plus a place to bank your money. The 2-in-1 alarm lock can also be hung on a doorknob to protect any room. Kids can set their own access code (parent emergency access key included). Ages 6 - 11.

Children inherently value their sense of autonomy and ownership. A combination lock safe provides them with a tangible manifestation of privacy and personal space, in a world where they often have little control over their surroundings. Such safes empower them to protect their treasured items, be it toys, notes, or little keepsakes. This not only gives them a feeling of responsibility but also imparts a sense of maturity, as they emulate the adult behavior of safeguarding important belongings. Furthermore, the act of memorizing and using a combination nurtures their cognitive skills, making the experience both fun and educative. The safe serves as their personal sanctuary, reinforcing their identity and the value of their personal belongings.