Alien Racers

Radio control vehicles with four different frequencies for Gnarl, Grog, Skrash, and Ultrox so you can race them

Alien RacersYou've never seen a race like this. The Alien Racers are unlike any other RC Vehicles on the planet. They are amazingly detailed, fully-functioning RC vehicles that are fast, fun and ferocious. With four unique characters, each with their own specialized racer, the Alien Racers are set to run the competition into the ground. Cause at the Center of the Universe, Speed is Power.

Kids are innately curious beings, and the concept of extraterrestrial life — the mysterious and unknown — naturally piques their interest. Alien-themed toys tap into a world of imagination and endless possibilities. Aliens, being unfamiliar and not bound by earthly conventions, offer children a blank canvas to project their creativity, fantasies, and stories. This allure of the unknown lets kids explore concepts of otherness and diversity, while also engaging in speculative play about other worlds and civilizations. Additionally, popular culture, through movies, TV shows, and books, often portrays aliens with a mix of intrigue, adventure, and sometimes humor, further fueling their appeal to young audiences. For a child, an alien-themed toy isn't just a plaything; it's a gateway to intergalactic adventures, where the boundaries of their imaginative play are as limitless as the universe itself.