Amazing Ally Doll

An amazing doll that girls really want.

Amazing Ally DollAmazing Ally, the smartest doll to ever host a tea party, now comes with a pet kitten to entertain little girls. Ally already keeps a volume of ready stories behind her pretty lips, and remembers all of your child's favorite information and biggest secrets. She still knows how to throw one heck of a slumber party (with the right accessory pack), or give tips on in-line skating or ballet. And yes, her vocabulary is still fab, girlfriend. But her fluffy white kitty is a new addition. Using the same technology that makes Ally respond realistically, her kitten purrs and meows when it receives attention from Ally or your child. Included with this doll is one interactive outfit, interactive accessories for kitty, grooming accessories, and tea party gear. Once your child is familiar with what makes Ally tick, fun to spare will be had by all.

Ally's age is timeless, she's the same age as you are. And of course she likes to do the same things you do. She's spunky and has an adorable, fun loving personality. Her voice is full of energy and excitement. Her wit is sharp and she'll keep you on your toes. She will be your best friend that will play and interact with you in exciting new ways. Ally really comes to life. Even her mouth moves. She is as smart as you are and she will teach you things and you will teach her things. Ally thinks, remembers, tells stories, tells jokes, plays games and shares amazing adventures with you, like your birthday, your favorite color or hobbies, or the last time you went on an adventure together. Ally is the most technologically advanced doll ever. She contains a state-of -the-art high capacity central processing unit and 32 megabits of internal voice memory. She's totally expandable. Expand Ally's intelligence, memory and adventures with the AdventureWare Playsets. Each playset includes an additional 8 megabits of voice memory. A complex overlay of resistor technology allows Ally to verify multiple items for up to 50 playsets.