Animal Crossing GameCube

Interact with a virtual village of animals. The game world runs on a real-time 24-hour clock.

The sun rises and sets at the same time as the real world. Link up your Game Boy Advance to collect NES games and unlock new worlds. Use your memory card to take your character to the animal world of your friend. Build a community like no other in this one-of-kind game that's been a sensation in Japan. In Animal Crossing, you'll venture into a charming world teeming with colorful characters living in time with an actual 24-hour clock. You'll get a job, buy and furnish a house, and begin to interact extensively with your intriguing new neighbors. You'll help them with their many tasks, visit their homes and build warm relationships. A masterpiece of balanced gameplay, Animal Crossing deftly promotes both friendly competition and big-hearted cooperation at the same time. Over time, the many activities fuse to create a fascinating community experience. You'll yearn to return again and again to Animal Crossing.