Video Games News

Video Game News

Bakugan Defenders of the Core - Video game for multiple platforms and strategy gameplay.
My Sims Sky Heroes - Video game for multiple platforms.
Kirby's Epic Yarn - Side=scrolling 2D game for the Wii.
Kidz Bop Dance Party Video Game - Interactive kids music dancing game for the Wii.
Sesame Street Video Games - Entertaining and educational.
Backyard Sports Rookie Rush - Fun sports video game for Nintendo Wii.
Nerf N-Strike Elite - Nerf video game for the Wii.
Imagine Fashion Designer World Tour - Learn fashion marketing by designing your own designer label on Nintendo DS.
Sim City Creator - Create, enjoy, destroy with special building codes in this construction video game for Nintendo Wii.
De Blob - Take back color city and launch a color revolution with da blob video game for Nintendo Wii.
Kirby Superstar Ultra - Video game for Nintendo DS starring the super amazing pink puffball from dreamland.

AutoAuto Assault massively multiplayer role playing genre with post-apocalyptic challenge, veteran rewards, and flat leveling to the max.
Viva PinataViva Pinata engaging cast of colorful 3D animated wild-roaming pinata animals brings a vibrant world to the Xbox 360 and television.
FactionsGuild Wars Factions multiplayer online game with roleplaying and competitive player-versus-player scored challenge strategic missions.
StrikersSuper Mario Strikers classic Nintendo characters compete in aggressive five-on-five soccer matches in this sports video game.
NarniaChronicles of Narnia Video Game use skills to overcome obstacles in the epic adventure of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
LA RushLA Rush over-the-top, arcade-style racing game thriller ships for PlayStation2 and Xbox with multi-million-dollar marketing campaign.
Mobile GameGetting Up Mobile Graffiti Game action-adventure game features fluid movement through twenty-seven levels in three environments.
PlayersGoofy Speedway Kart Racing Game Toontown massively multiplayer online community can customize karts for virtual raceway.
Earth 2160Earth 2160 state of the art visuals and lighting, multiplayer capabilities, and customization features comprising over 100 hours of gameplay.
Frag DollsFrag Dolls female gamers group sponsored by Ubisoft searches for new team member with nationwide audition call for candidates.
NintendogsNintendogs puppy simulator for Nintendo DS lets owners name, train, and play with realistic dogs who respond to voices through a microphone.
Video GameVideo Game Cheats selected sources of cheats, hints, and walk-throughs for Playstation 2, PC, Dreamcast, XBox, and GameCube games.
Mario Power TennisMario Power Tennis dynamic sports action video game for GameCube takes classic characters to an exciting skill-building tournament.
Leeza GibbonsTony Hawk Underground 2 Leeza Gibbons and her son enjoy skateboard video game at event to support the building of skate parks.
PikminPikmin 2 mass strategy game sequel release for Nintendo GameCube has puzzle-solving action options in a world of plant-like creatures.
City of HeroesCity of Heroes massively multiplayer online RPG game based on a comic book has a large and growing subscription user base.
MetroidMetroid Prime 2 Echoes Nintendo GameCube system and two free discs: the complete original game and a playable sequel demo.
Shadow HeartsShadow Hearts 2 Covenant role-playing game sequel for Playstation 2 requires RPG combat strategy planning and timing skill.
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 gives players complete control of views around the park and allows players to ride the roller coasters
Sonic HeroesSonic Heroes is Sonic's most exciting adventure yet, in which you maneuver a team of three Sonic characters through massive levels to overcome the ultimate evil

Animal Crossing - Interact with a virtual village of animals. The game world runs on a real-time 24-hour clock.

Barbie Horse Adventures - Blue Ribbon Race

Battle for Bikini Bottom - SpongeBob SquarePants The Battle for Bikini Bottom

Bay Blade Arcade Challenge - Bay Blade action from Tiger Electronics

Jimmy Neutron - Based on the Nickelodeon movie of the same name, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius follows the adventures of a whiz kid and his robot dog, Goddard.

Kirby Air Ride - Kirby Racing Game

Mario Cart Double Dash - Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Party 5 - Mini games and courses

NHL 2K3 Playstation - The Most Accurate Hockey Simulation Delivers Exclusive Features, ESPN Telecast-Style Presentation and Lifelike Realism Never Before Seen in Hockey Video Games

Sonic Mega Collection - Sonic The Hedgehog Returns to the Nintendo GameCube in Sonic Mega Collection; Value-Priced Compilation Features More than Seven Classic Sonic Games

Super Mario Sunshine - Great new Mario game for Gamecube

Super Mario Brothers 3 - Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Monkey Ball - Super Monkey Ball Two Video Game

Video Game Rentals - Thousands of video games for rental, from the top new releases to vintage classics

Wario Land - Starring the familiar money-mad rascal.

Who Are You? Nintendo - Question asked of video game players