Aqua Sand Polar Playground

Magic sand that holds together under water

Aqua Sand Polar PlaygroundThe neat thing about this material is the way it compresses and holds, better than the kind of sand one finds at an actual beach. Thus it is that an artificial construct is superior to the real world, as much as we romanticize playing with beach sand. Press together the play sand into an iceberg that floats for your penguin friends. The material floats on water. This sculpting material is perfect for bathtub play. Simply pour the aqua sand into water and it becomes an artistic material that can shape in different ways.

Aqua Sand is a unique and innovative sculpting material that offers endless possibilities for creativity and fun. Unlike regular sand, Aqua Sand has hydrophobic properties, meaning it repels water, allowing it to be molded and shaped underwater. Here's what makes Aqua Sand so magical:

Aqua Sand offers a magical and engaging experience, allowing children to explore their artistic abilities and create underwater masterpieces. Its unique features make it a favorite among kids and a valuable tool for sensory play and development.