Bendaroos Magical Wax

Draw with, trace and place templates, stick and stay, fun kit, rainbow, neon, fun guide

Bendaroos Magical WaxWith five hundred pieces, beautifully colored in rainbow and neon, Bendaroos are built to last. The set includes Bendaroos fun guide with imaginative activities. Draw with Bendaroos; they stick and stay. Make animals and buildings. Transform with Bendaroos: turn ordinary items into art. Decorate with Bendaroos: create window art and liven up frames. Bendaroos amazing flexible building sticks. The magic wax super strong string gives children hours of artistic fun.

Bendable, shapeable wax is a versatile and engaging art material that offers a unique creative experience for children. Its pliable nature and vibrant colors make it an appealing choice for young artists. Here's why it's considered an excellent art material:

Bendable, shapeable wax is more than just an art material; it's a tool for learning, expression, and personal growth. Its tactile nature and endless possibilities make it a favorite among children, parents, and educators alike. Whether used in the classroom or at home, it provides a fun and enriching artistic experience that nurtures creativity and development in children.