Digital Arts and Crafts Studio

Digital pen tablet for children that connects to computer via USB

Digital Arts and Crafts StudioTransform your home computer into a digital arts and crafts studio for children. Hundreds of creative activities and kid-friendly tools make it fun and easy for kids to play and create on your computer, all by themselves. They can turn the stylus into a pencil tool for drawing, a paint brush, crayon, stamper and more, to design, create, print, and assemble all kinds of fun art activities and cool craft projects. 85 built-in activities, 256 colors, 75 scene starters, and 300 stampers for creating art projects. Jumping frogs, flying airplanes, paper people, greeting cards, invitations, party hats, digital coloring pages, and dot-to-dot activity pages. USB cable connection and one-time CD-ROM software installation make it quick and easy to set up. All craft programs and features are easily accessed right on the base by simply touching them with the stylus.

Art software represents a powerful tool that can unleash the creative potential in children, providing them with a platform to explore, experiment, and express themselves in ways that traditional art mediums may not allow. Here's how:

Overall, art software opens up a world of possibilities for children, allowing them to explore their creativity in a flexible, supportive, and stimulating environment. It nurtures their artistic talents and encourages them to think outside the box, preparing them for a future where creativity and digital skills are highly valued.