Zubber Starter Set

ZubberThe Amazing Zubber is a new molding compound that molds like dough and hardens like rubber. Mix two compounds together to make Zubber. Create a world of fun with Zubber molds and kits. With the starter kid, you can make your own bouncing balls, flowers, horses, lizards, and even a fun splat symbol. Kit includes Zubber activator, yellow Zubber, red Zubber, blue Zubber, timer, flat mold, extruder, ball mold, mixing plate, and measuring spoons.

Zubber: The Artistic Molding Compound

Zubber is an innovative and fun artistic molding compound that has captured the imagination of children and craft enthusiasts alike. It combines the best of two worlds: the moldability of dough and the durability of rubber. Here's what makes Zubber so enjoyable:

Whether used in a classroom, at home, or in therapeutic settings, Zubber provides a unique and engaging way to explore creativity. Its dough-like texture and rubber-like durability offer a novel and satisfying crafting experience that inspires imagination and artistic expression.