Artist Easel With Art Supplies

Artist Easel with Tray Supplies.

Artist Easel With Art SuppliesThis double easel is 48 tall and has a 24 chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. It features pre-hinged hardwood legs, support braces and a paper roll bar to hold an 18 roll of paper (included). The easel is fully collapsible for easy storage and height adjustable for growing artists. The molded tray is specially designed to hold the included four non-spill paint cups, six poster paints and four chubby paint brushes. It also comes complete with 12 colored chalks, black board eraser, six wipe-off markers and two easel clips. With this well-designed, double-sided easel, preschoolers can enjoy the advantages of creative expression on an upright surface. The easel's frame is made from sturdy wood left in its natural state, with thick pressed board used as the bases for the art surfaces. One side of the easel has a 24-by-24-inch, green chalkboard, and the other side has a 24-by-24-inch, white dry-erase board. Two removable, washable trays are included to attach to the easel (one with molded spaces to hold paint jars and brushes). The easel requires simple assembly, but no tools are required and all bolts and plastic bolt covers are included. Some thoughtful design aspects include an adjustable height feature, a convenient, built-in paper towel holder, and two metal clips to attach paper for painting. Included in the set are some art supplies to get started: four large, no-spill paint jars, six small jars of poster paint, four paint brushes, a package of colored chalk, six dry-erase markers, a foam eraser, and a 75-foot roll of newsprint paper. This set was a winner of the Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Award, and it would be a winning addition to any playroom, family daycare home, or preschool.

Dry Erase Boards

Providing children with a dry erase board is a simple yet powerful way to inspire creativity and foster a love for learning and expression. Here's how a dry erase board can be a valuable tool for children's creativity:

A dry erase board is more than just a writing surface; it's a versatile tool that unlocks a world of creative possibilities. It nurtures a child's imagination, encourages collaborative play, enhances learning, and provides endless opportunities for fun and creativity. It's a valuable addition to any home or classroom, sparking joy and inspiration in children of all ages.