Funky Trunk Kitty Barbie Fashion

Pose Me Pets Funky Trunk - Kitty.

Funky Trunk Kitty Barbie FashionEach Funky Trunk is a carrying case, dressing room stage and includes a Pose Me Pet. A girl can get her pet ready for the big show in the dressing room, then, her pet can go out on stage, modeling the latest fashions or performing a hit song. What do you get when you combine a kitty, a catwalk, fashion accessories, and the brand name Barbie? The Pose Me Pets Funky Trunk. The pink plastic wardrobe stands 14 inches tall and is packed with plenty of gear: two pairs of shoes, two pairs of sunglasses, a brush, a guitar, a headset, and more. Melody is the included white plush cat that has long legs and a tail, all bendable to give her loads of posing options. The feline's fashion outfits include a pink vinyl skirt, zebra-striped pants, and a lavender top with turquoise fur accents. When Melody's trunk is opened from the front, there are shelves and hangers to store all of her things. Folding down the back of the trunk creates a catwalk/stage where Melody can show off her fashion creativity or entertain her fans with the guitar and headset. Pull up the handle on the back of the wardrobe to roll the trunk along for easy travel.

Kittens are universally beloved creatures, cherished for their irresistible charm and endearing qualities. Their small size, soft fur, and playful demeanor evoke an immediate sense of warmth and affection. Kittens' innocent and curious nature captures the hearts of people of all ages, fostering a deep emotional connection. Their playful antics, from chasing toys to pouncing on imaginary prey, bring joy and laughter, making them delightful companions. The way they curl up into adorable, snug positions and purr contentedly while seeking companionship creates a sense of comfort and serenity. As symbols of vulnerability and innocence, kittens elicit feelings of protection and care, sparking a strong desire to nurture and provide for them. This collective adoration for kittens transcends cultural boundaries and is often a source of happiness and solace, as their presence reminds us of the simple pleasures and unconditional love that animals can offer.