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Still the most popular and successful doll

Barbie Swim and Dance Mermaid - From Barbie's Mermaid Tale movie.
Barbie Style Salon - Barbie Style Salon playset with hair color and shampoo.
Barbie iDesign - Barbie ultimate stylist design studio.
DiariesBarbie Diaries teen recording artist Skye Sweetnam unlocks high school diary secrets in eight original contemporary music pop singles.
barbieBarbie Live in Fairytopia famous doll brought to life onstage by Erin Elizabeth Coors in a national eighty city stage tour production.
CameraBarbie Digital Camera snap real pictures and download or e-mail them.
StylesBarbie Styles for Two Back to School and Going Out Styles for 2 Fashion Fever Barbie dolls come with real accessories for the girl.
BallerinaBarbie Ballerina Sisters Barbie and Kelly ballerina dolls.
FairytopiaGlowing Fairy Dolls Barbie Fairytopia glowing fairies.
Barbie and MeBarbie and Me Doll soft poseable huggable doll for younger girls.
PegasusPegasus Barbie new original magic princess tale told with 3d enhanced animated movie released with themed dolls, playsets, and accessories.
Pedicure BarbiePedicure Barbie toe makeover at famous Beverly Hills salon gives popular doll a stylish new look with a celebrity-preferred nail shade of black.
Barbie ChecksBarbie Checks classic fashion doll poses in stylish formal and daywear on new full-color scene designs from Clarke American.
iMessage Girl DolliMessage Girl Doll Barbie and friends come with text messaging phones through which girls can send messages to the dolls or to each other.
Barbie FairytopiaBarbie Fairytopia wonder fairy dolls and sprites including Aqua Jewel Drop Joybelle and Petal Pixie Enchanted Meadow play set.
Fashion Show BarbieFashion Show Barbie glamorous dolls shop at boutiques to model apparel with many different style looks and jewelry accessories.
Cali GirlCali Girl Barbie excellent earrings doll comes with play ear piercer, California beachwear, magazine, and accessories.
Fashion FeverFashion Fever Barbie dolls and girls apparel, accessories, and fragrance promoted by teen actress and pop musician Hilary Duff.
Barbie CandidateBarbie for President popular fashion doll runs on platform to create world peace, help the homeless and poor, and take care of animals.
Barbie BlaineBarbie's New Boyfriend Blaine Australian surfer hunk from down under takes place of discarded Ken doll, who remains just a friend.
Barbie Ken SplitBarbie Ken Split after more than 43 years together and Barbie transitions to a whole new carefree and independent look.
Barbie DVDsBarbie DVDs part of new approach: For older girls, a 44-minute DVD, a magazine, CDs, and fashion partnerships. For younger girls, pop-up books and rich story maps.
Spongebob BarbieSpongebob Barbie looks like she just returned from the underwater village of Bikini Bottom, decked out in SpongeBob-themed capri pants, t-shirt, shoes and backpack, and clutching a SpongeBob plush.
Barbie Karaoke CamBarbie Karaoke Cam lets you record and star in your own music video. Sing along to your favorite tunes with the wireless microphone, and watch the live action on the TV.
Malibu BarbieMalibu Barbie is authentically recreated in her aqua blue bathing suit. Yellow towel and sunglasses complete the beach ensemble, updated with an accompanying bottle of protective sunscreen.
Secret Spells BarbieSecret Spells Barbie is an ordinary schoolgirl by day, but she transforms at night with mixes for making magic potions that you can really drink.

My Scene Barbie

Lord of the Rings Barbie and Ken

Spongebob Barbie

Barbie Sea Splash Sisters

Barbie Swan Lake

Barbie Cruise Ship

Sweet Sounds Pet Shop

Barbie Princess Palace

Barbie of Swan Lake Lila Unicorn

Barbie Cheerleader

Legally Blonde Barbie Elle Woods

Barbie Bath and Bubble House

Barbie Shampoochie

Barbie Sleeping Bag

Mermaid Fantasy Barbie

Barbie Videocam

Salon Surprise Barbie

Dream Glow Barbie

Princess Palace

Styling Stable

Volkswagen Microbus

Barbie Karaoke

Barbie as Rapunzel

Barbie Sez Game

Mystery Squad

Barbie Rapunzel

Barbie Talking Townhouse

Barbie Travel Train

Chair Flair Barbie

Fun Treats Barbie

Barbie Karaoke Cam

Volkswagen Beetle

Make Me Pretty

Pop Sensation

Barbie Airplane

Dream House

Barbie Kelly Kitchen

Barbie Jeep


Radio House

Cash Register

Answering Machine



Cool Clips

Fashion Party

Fashion Photo Barbie

Hollywood Nails

Pajama Fun


Pretty Flowers

Rainbow Horse

Rain or Sun

Secret Messages

Super Slide Kelly

Funky Trunk Kitty

Funky Trunk Puppy

Barbie Doll Games

Grand Hotel


Magic Key House

Malibu Barbie Doll

Starlight Unicorn

Shake It Nails


Tour Bus

Amusement Park

My Size Barbie

Olympic Skater

School Cool Barbie

Sparkling Ice Show

Starlight Fairy

Stroller Krissy

Sugarplum Princess