Barbie Fashion Puppy - Styling Pup

Stylin Pup Barbie Doll.

Barbie Fashion Puppy - Styling PupNow girls can help Barbie doll get ready for the dog show by washing, grooming and styling her playful new pup! Barbie doll has everything she needs to take care of her adorable new puppy. Girls will love helping Barbie give the puppy a bath! Barbie can hold the nozzle which has a bellows mechanism, so it really sprays water. When Barbie washes her pup, the pup's hair changes from brown to blonde in warm water. By pulling the dog collar, girls can make the pupy spin around to dry herself off. When bath time's over, the tub flips over to become a grooming platform, so Barbie can brush her pup's hair and add pretty hair clips. With the addition of the archway, the platform becomes a podium for the first place winner. Barbie looks terrific in a trendy dog-print shirt and capris. Comes with spray hose and nozzle, towel, six hair clips, ribbon, leash plus plastic play pieces - a pretend blow dryer, perfume bottle, brush, shampoo bottle, trophy and dog treats.

Puppies hold a special place in the hearts of people across the world, captivating them with their irresistible charm and boundless affection. Their wobbly walks, floppy ears, and wagging tails exude an overwhelming sense of innocence and joy. Puppies embody a pure and genuine spirit, igniting feelings of happiness and comfort in those who interact with them. Their playful antics, from chasing after toys to clumsily exploring their surroundings, elicit laughter and a sense of wonder, reminding us of the joys of living in the present moment. The unconditional love and loyalty that puppies offer create a profound emotional bond, as they eagerly shower affection on their human companions. Whether it's their expressive eyes, endearing cuddles, or the way they excitedly greet you, puppies have an innate ability to uplift moods and alleviate stress, making them cherished members of families and communities. Their unwavering trust and reliance on us inspire a deep sense of responsibility and care, strengthening the powerful connection between humans and their four-legged friends.