Barbie Grand Hotel

Luxurious two-story hotel with cool, interactive phone features.

Barbie Grand HotelWhenever Barbie's in town, she stays at this luxurious two-story hotel with cool, interactive phone features. Barbie can call room service to order food, the Grand Salon for a hair appointment, or even call room to room! The main entrance has a manual elevator with an electronic bell. More than 100 phrase combinations for the interactive phones. Also prompts play with random phone calls and messages. Each room is beautifully detailed and furnished just like a real hotel, including the Penthouse, Deluxe Suite, Grand Salon, Terrace Cafe and Lobby. This Barbie hotel is indeed grand, a dream hotel for those who can't get enough pink, purple, and Barbie in their lives. When first taken out of its box, the hotel opens up and the floors fall neatly into place. Only a few adjustments to the walls are necessary before it's ready to decorate. There are all kinds of fun details, from the cool luggage rack with hangers, to the room service cart and food. All the necessities of travel are here: hairdryer, perfume bottle, credit card, luggage, and even a picture of Ken for the nightstand. Plug in the reservation desk and the three phones are hooked up--they are supposed to ring and talk to each other with over 100 phrases, but we only heard one welcome phrase. The elevator was a little sticky and just barely big enough for our Barbie to ride in. In fact, the scale of the whole place seemed a little small for the Barbies we put inside. For serious Barbie fanatics.

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A hotel playset is a universe brimming with stories, lessons, and experiences. It provides a rich tapestry of opportunities for children to learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun.