Barbie Make-Me-Pretty Talking Styling Head

Comes with fun color-change makeup and over 20 accessory pieces

Barbie Make-Me-Pretty Talking Styling HeadWhen girls press her heart-shaped jewel pin, Barbie doll says one of 12 phrases. Phrases include Let's put on my crown and Can you put on my eye shadow? Comes with fun color-change makeup and over 20 accessory pieces that girls can use on the styling head or wear themselves.

Styling heads offer a world of creative and imaginative fun for children and even enthusiasts of all ages. With their lifelike hair and features, these mannequin-like heads provide a blank canvas for practicing hairstyling, makeup application, and fashion experimentation. The joy of styling heads lies in the limitless possibilities for self-expression and artistic exploration.

Children can pretend to be professional hairstylists, experimenting with various hairstyles, braids, and updos using the included accessories like brushes, combs, clips, and hair ties. This hands-on experience fosters motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and a sense of accomplishment as they create unique looks.

Additionally, styling heads allow for imaginative play as kids take on roles like fashion designers, makeup artists, or even movie stars. They can experiment with different makeup looks, using washable markers or provided makeup tools, enhancing their creativity and fostering an understanding of colors and aesthetics.

The process of transformation, from taming wild hair to crafting a fashionable appearance, is engaging and rewarding. Styling heads offer a safe and controlled environment for trying out bold and experimental styles that might not be practical on real hair. This sense of playfulness boosts confidence and encourages self-discovery.

Styling heads also encourage social play, as friends and siblings can take turns styling each other's mannequins, exchanging ideas, and collaborating on imaginative scenarios. It becomes an activity that sparks conversations, laughter, and bonding moments.

Overall, the fun of styling heads lies in the freedom to experiment, the opportunity for creative self-expression, and the sheer joy of transforming a simple mannequin into a canvas of endless beauty and imagination.