Barbie Sez Game - Says

Winning real Barbie jewelery and glamming it up with your friends.

Barbie Sez Game - SaysThe new Barbie game from Mattel where you win Barbie jewelery and glam it up with your friends.

Barbie Sez is a memory game that was introduced in the 1970s by Mattel, the company behind the Barbie doll. The game features a plastic Barbie doll that gives players commands to follow, similar to the classic Simon Says game. Players must mimic the actions that Barbie instructs them to perform. If Barbie says, "Barbie sez touch your toes," players must touch their toes, but if Barbie gives a command without saying "Barbie sez," players should not follow the command.

The game is designed to entertain children and promote memory skills, listening comprehension, and following instructions. It's a way to engage children in interactive play and stimulate their cognitive abilities in a fun and entertaining manner.