Barbie Airplane

Barbie Airplane has everything your little world traveler needs to fly the Barbie skies.

Barbie AirplaneThis aircraft has everything your little world traveler needs to fly the Barbie skies. It's loaded with fun features, from a microphone that actually works to a cool takeoff sound effect (which can be deactivated with a switch in case parents start to think they're living in a major flight path). The fully reclining seats are on sliding tracks, the better to maneuver while loading passengers, and the enclosed cart makes beverage service a snap. Ice cubes come rattling out of an ice cube maker; the luggage compartment has a suitcase that really opens; and seat belts fasten tight for safety. In-flight entertainment? Looks like a Beyond Pink music video is playing--make sure to get a headset so you can enjoy. When you close up the doors and roof, the whole shebang rolls, for long flights or just playtime on the go. Up, up, and away! The sides of the plane open to reveal a large realistic plane environment. Real working public address system with microphone. Take-off and landing electronic sounds. Food play area with working ice dispenser- also includes a microwave, refrigerator, water dispenser, cocoa dispenser. Airplane food cart that rolls up and down the aisles and stowes in the food play area. TV screen with tow images and window scenery that changes from day to night. Seats that slide back and forth, rotate, recline, fold down to create beds and detach for added play. Realistic cockpit with moving throttle and steering wheel. Overhead storage compartments just like a real plane. Luggage storage area in the back of the airplane with closing door, large suitcase and small suitcase.

How a Toy Airplane Can Encourage a Career in Aviation

A toy airplane, while seemingly simple, can plant the seed of curiosity and passion for aviation in a child's mind. It can be the initial spark that ignites a lifelong journey toward a career in the skies. Here's how this toy can influence and inspire a young mind towards aviation:

A toy airplane is a miniature representation of human achievement, adventure, and exploration. For many professionals in the aviation industry, their love for the skies started in childhood, often with a simple toy plane in hand, dreaming of the vast, endless expanse above.