Barbie Dream House - Deluxe Alternative

Barbie can live in the lap of luxury with this fold-out, two-story Victorian dream house.

Barbie Dream House - Deluxe AlternativeAn alternative to the unavailable deluxe version, Barbie can live in the lap of luxury with this fold-out, two-story Victorian dream house that features a porch, balcony, and a working elevator. The fully furnished house includes a canopy bed with comforter and pillow, night stand, storage chest, clawfoot bathtub, and an armoire with doors that open. The living area comes complete with a high-backed couch, fireplace, and a bookcase with doors that open. The kitchen unit also comes well equipped with a sink, oven, ample counter space, and cabinet doors that open. Accessories include a dog with its own bed and pillow; living room items featuring vases, picture frames, books, and a telephone; and kitchen items including glasses, jars, plates, pans, knives, forks, and spoons. Girls will love helping Barbie get ready for a special family dinner or care for her baby sister, Krissy. The house features a working elevator, working doorbell, bedroom with canpoy bed, bathroom with Victorian-style tub, kitchen with pull-out table and seat, plus a high-chair and crib for Krissy. Dolls not included.

Features of Victorian-Style Homes

Victorian-style homes, popular primarily during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), boast a distinctive and ornate architectural style. These homes are known for their intricate detailing, varied shapes, and rich color palettes. Here's an overview of some defining features of Victorian-style homes:

Victorian is an umbrella term covering various sub-styles, including Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, and Queen Anne, among others. Each of these sub-styles has its own distinct characteristics but shares the general Victorian love for ornamentation and detail.