Cool Clips Barbie Doll

Barbie doll has extra-long hair and trendy Color Change hair extensions

Cool Clips Barbie DollIn addition to her long platinum-blonde locks, Barbie also has four 10-inch-long, colored strands of clip-on hair. There are two hair extensions in purple, a green braided extension, and a blue braided one. Attach them to her hair with the included floral clips and follow the suggestions for knotting, twisting, and additional braiding. Then fill the 4-inch-high atomizer with cold water, spray, and watch as the hair extensions magically change color. Barbie's rainbow tresses are set off by a long pink dress with silver highlights and jewel-centered flowers. She also has matching platform shoes and a hairbrush, of course. Barbie doll has extra-long hair and trendy Color Change hair extensions. Girls just spray the hair extensions with icy water to make them change color, then change them back by holding them between their palms for a few moments. Includes four clip-on Color Change hair extensions, water spray bottle, four flower-shaped hair clips and six hair gems.

The Fun of Hair Extensions for Dolls: A Fresh Look Every Time

Hair extensions for dolls have become a popular accessory, allowing children (and sometimes collectors) to indulge in creative expression. These extensions provide a versatile platform for imagination and play. Here's why they are so enjoyable and impactful for changing up a doll's appearance:

Hair extensions for dolls amplify the fun and creativity of playtime. They offer a dynamic element to a beloved toy, ensuring that every play session can be a unique and imaginative experience.