Barbie Designable Hair Extensions

Real Barbie hair designed to wear

Barbie Designable Hair ExtensionsMake your own fashion design statement with hundreds of laser-jet printer friendly designs from which to choose. Girls can design and create their very own personalized hair extensions printable on any inkjet printer. The process starts online by designing your very own hair extensions, then print and wear. Designable Hair Extensions comes with a Barbie doll and includes sixteen hair extensions, three large clips and two small clips for unique and personalized looks allowing for abundant hair play and fun.

The Fun of Designable, Printable Hair Extensions

Designable, printable hair extensions take the world of personal style and fashion to a whole new level. These extensions allow individuals to express their creativity, individuality, and mood in a fun and ever-changing manner. Here's why designable, printable hair extensions are such an exciting concept:

In a world where personalization is increasingly cherished, designable, printable hair extensions offer a fresh and innovative way to express individuality. They transform hair from merely a feature to an ever-evolving statement of style, mood, and creativity.