Barbie Style Salon

Barbie Style Salon playset with hair color and shampoo

Barbie Style SalonPlay out all the fun of star stylist and a day at the salon with Barbie doll at her style salon. Wash Barbie dolls hair in the real working glitter sink and pink stylist's vanity, add color streaks and create glam hairstyles with fun hair styling tools. Includes salon chair, hair detangler, logo poncho, towel, and salon Barbie doll.

The Fun of a Style Salon Playset

A style salon playset can be a delightful toy for children, offering a blend of creativity, role-playing, and hands-on tactile fun. These playsets often simulate the experience of running or visiting a beauty salon, with various tools and accessories to enhance the play. Here's a breakdown of why they're so enjoyable:

A style salon playset offers a holistic play experience that caters to various aspects of a child's development, from creativity and cognition to motor skills and social interaction.