Super Slide Kelly

Watch as Kelly goes flying down the waterslide on her raft, landing with a splash into the pool below

Super Slide KellySplish, splash. Barbie's little sister Kelly is sliding in the bath! Included in this fun set are a small Kelly doll, a pink raft, and an inflatable light blue waterslide--with a fish head at the top--that attaches via suction cups to the wall above a bathtub. An orange starfish-shaped pump causes water from the tub to move up into the fish's mouth, sending Kelly down the slide. At 4 inches tall, Kelly has blue eyes and two blonde pigtails. Wearing a yellow swimsuit fringed with a pink skirt, she's ready to get wet. Because it's designed for use in the bathtub, this toy requires adult supervision Kelly doll can slide down her inflatable water slide and float around on her raft. The fish friend has suction cups, so it can attach to the side of a bathtub of shower. When a girl pumps the starfish underwater, Super Slide Kelly doll slides down the water slide on her raft. The raft really floats, so Kelly can also play in the water on her raft. Catch a wave with Barbie's little sister Kelly. You can make a slide from any sink or bathtub. Just attach the inflatable slide to the wall using suction cups. Add a little water and Kelly goes sliding down the hill. What fun. When she's tired of sliding, this water baby can relax on her raft.

The Thrill of Water-Powered Super Slides

Super Slide Kelly evokes real-world water-powered super slides, often featured in water parks and summer adventures, a symbol of pure exhilaration for many. From the anticipation at the slide's entrance to the rush of water and the joyous splash at the end, these slides offer a myriad of sensations. Let's dive into what makes them such an adrenaline-packed delight:

Water-powered super slides offer a blend of physical sensations, emotional highs, and unforgettable memories. They're not just about the brief moments of descent but also about the overarching experience of joy, challenge, and shared delight.