Basic Microscope Kit

Edu Science Microscope Set 100x, 450x, 750x.

Basic Microscope KitFor those with a little training, this high-powered scope reveals a whole new cellular world. Most 8-year-olds will find the prepared slides of various textiles and grasshopper parts fascinating at 100x magnification, but at 300x or 600x magnification the fine-tuned focus and lighting adjustments may prove problematic. The apparatus is so sensitive at 600x that even nearby footsteps can jolt a specimen out of view. However, the set offers worthwhile lessons in microscope function and terminology, as children manipulate the eyepiece, the focus knob, the body tube, the revolving turret, the objective lenses, the arm, the stage, the slide-clips, the mirror, and the lamp. Creative scientific exploration is also encouraged as budding scientists concoct homemade slides of specimens (from algae to earwax).

Microscopes: A Perfect Gift for Scientifically Inclined Children

Microscopes are more than just a toy; they are a tool that can inspire, educate, and entertain. They make an ideal gift for children who have a passion for science and a desire to explore the world on a microscopic level.