Beach Chair for a Girl

Barbie Beach Chair and Carry Bag

Beach Chair for a GirlIt is a beautiful day for the beach, especially with the Barbie Beach Chair and Carry Bag combination. This chair, sized for a little girl, is filled with toys for the beach, including; Barbie sand mold, sand sieve, shovel, rake, and hoe. The comfortable high back beach chair simply folds up to become a carry bag for all of the beach toys.

The pink folding beach chair and carry bag combination is a delightful beach accessory designed to make every beach outing a joyful experience. With vibrant pink color for the chair and carry bag, and colorful beach toys, this set is sure to captivate the hearts of young beachgoers. Here's what the set includes:

This pink folding beach chair and carry bag combination, along with the colorful beach toys, promises hours of imaginative play and beach enjoyment. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed with children's safety in mind, this set is a must-have for a fun-filled beach adventure. It's the perfect gift for young beach enthusiasts and a great way to add color and excitement to a day at the beach.