Ben 10 Alien Creation Challenge

Set the time, build an alien; built it fast, or the aliens blast

Ben 10 Alien Creation ChallengeCreate your custom alien before time runs out. Pull a card, start the timer and create your alien before your time is up and all your aliens pop up. Set includes four translucent alien figures as well as eight combo cards for challenging game play. A special alien key unlocks the figures. To keep things tidy, the set also serves as a storage bin for the figures. You can download additional combo cards for more challenging play when you are ready.

Ben's evolution over the course of the series is multifaceted. Initially, the newfound powers bring out a cocky and reckless side, often leading to hasty decisions. However, as he encounters numerous challenges, he matures, learning about leadership, self-sacrifice, and the moral implications of his actions. Gwen, with her mystical abilities, and Grandpa Max, with his rich history of alien encounters, serve as both his protectors and moral compass. Over time, the trio's bond strengthens, and their dynamic shifts, with each member contributing crucially to their shared missions.