Big Scratch Lil Scratch

Robotic dog and puppy friend.

Big Scratch Lil ScratchMeet Big Scratch, the only robotic dog that comes with its very own puppy friend, Lil' Scratch, for hours of delightful family enjoyment. These power pooches have the distinction of being the only toy pets to come with their very own dancing cyber fleas. Tons of outstanding features enhance Big Scratch's playability: he comes with an infrared key-chain remote controller that programs his seven multiplay and trick modes. Modes are sit, shake, lay down, play, walk right, walk left, and scratch-a-flea. He has multiple play behaviors, depending on his mood, and, of course, his own interaction with you, his master. Lil' Scratch follows Big Scratch around wherever he goes, using infrared tracking. He walks left or right, looks around with his cute, loveable eyes, nods his head, flaps his ears, and wags his tail. He also moves his mouth while he happily barks, pants, or is heard whimpering or whining, depending on his mood.

The Fun of an R/C Pet Dog

Remote-controlled (R/C) pet dogs offer a delightful blend of technology and imaginative play, allowing children (and even adults) to experience a simulation of pet ownership without the real-world responsibilities. The fun elements of an R/C pet dog are numerous:

  1. Interactive Play: Most R/C pet dogs come with a variety of built-in features such as barking, tail wagging, and even tricks like rolling over or fetching. This interaction brings the toy to life, making playtime more engaging.
  2. Tactile Experience: Some of these robotic dogs have soft fur or rubberized coatings, giving them a more realistic feel, further enhancing the pretend play experience.
  3. Training Element: Like real pets, some R/C dogs can be "trained" to respond to voice commands or specific controller actions. This adds a level of challenge and accomplishment to the play, as kids get to see the results of their "training" efforts.
  4. Companionship: While they can't replace the emotional bond with a living pet, R/C dogs can provide a sense of companionship. They can be a buddy that kids can talk to, play with, and take care of.
  5. Responsibility Simulation: R/C pet dogs can simulate the experience of taking care of a real pet, teaching children about responsibility. This includes "feeding," cleaning, or even "walking" their robotic friend.
  6. Safe Exploration: For families who may have members allergic to pets or lack the space and resources for a real dog, an R/C pet dog offers a fun and safe alternative to introduce children to the idea of pet ownership.
  7. Tech Curiosity: For tech-savvy kids, an R/C pet dog can be an entry point into the world of robotics, programming, and mechanics. Some might be curious about how the dog moves, how sensors work, or even want to customize their pet.

R/C pet dogs combine the magic of play with the wonders of technology. They provide entertainment, learning, and a unique interactive experience that can be treasured by kids and adults alike.