Bio Bugs - A Revolution in Evolution

Bio-Bugs are Bio-mechanical Integrated Organisms, a new breed of artificial intelligence

Bio Bugs

Take command of the Bio-Bugs using the hand controller or just leave them to roam independently and discover their new environment. The longer a Bio-Bug stays alive, the more they learn from exploration and interaction. Let your Bio-Bugs roam free and be a part of a Revolution in Evolution. The various species of Bio-BUGS:

XP.01 Bio-Predator - As the most aggressive of all Bio-Bugs, it may even attack its own species.

XS.02 Bio-Stomper - The most flexible Bio-Bug clambers and hops over obstacles.

XT.03 Bio-Destroyer - This big Bio-Bug has a supreme defensive exterior.

XD.04 Bio-Acceleraider - This speedy Bio-Bug quickly scampers across surfaces. - - Hasbro


Your Bio-Bug is a complex living organism that interacts with its own environment. It reacts randomly, so see what the Bio-Bug will do next!
First Stage of Life:

Your Bio-Bug first starts life as a baby, gradually maturing as it learns new skills to survive. As a baby Bio-Bug, it acts in special ways different from adult Bio-Bugs. So watch and be a part of the changes your Bio-Bug experiences, as it advances through a maximum life range of 12 Skill Levels.

Like a real insect, your Bio-Bug will go off on its own to explore and discover the new surroundings. Look how the Bio-Bug climbs over small obstacles or roams around in its unique meandering walk. While as a baby or mature Bio-Bug, it travels by feeling objects in front or behind with its touch sensitive antennas. If an obstacle is in the way, watch how it gets out of the situation or make the Bio-Bug charge forward by flicking its rear antenna continually.

By starting life at Skill Level 1, the primary need for the baby Bio-Bug is to be fed ‘energy’. To feed, take the hand controller and point it towards the Bio-Bug’s eyes. Press the FEEDING button and a red light in the hand controller’s center will flash. The Bio-Bug will search out this unique signal in a slight zig-zagging walk. When it receives the feeding signal, it shivers and make an “ee-ee” sound. Press the FEEDING button again to quit. After the baby Bio-Bug receives its first ‘energy’ feeding, it will quickly mature to Skill Level 2. See if you can notice any changes in your Bio-Bug!

Left on its own, the Bio-Bug will mature naturally to Skill Level 2, through interaction and teaching itself new skills after a short period.
Life as an Adult Bio-Bug:

The Bio-Bug is now fully mature at skill level 2 and ready to take on any situation or encounter. It walks at a normal or running pace, makes mature ‘chit-chit’ sounds, blinks its eyes less frequently and it makes a long ‘tweeting’ sound when it wants an energy feeding. Also, its skill levels increase or decrease through manual Training or B.I.O. Combat , a fight against another Bio-Bug (not through feeding)! The higher a Bio-Bug’s skill level, the more strength and combat endurance a Bio-Bug will have.

When two Bio-Bugs come into contact, they exchange information through Infra-red signals and feeling each other’s antennas. Then they react. Depending on their species type (same or different species) and skill level, each Bio-Bug can respond in a friendly, scared or aggressive way. Watch out when both Bio-Bugs start charging forward, engaging in B.I.O. Combat!
If B.I.O. Combat begins, the outcome is unpredictable. Both Bio-Bugs will try to stomp on the other’s head or just keep ramming forward. One or even both Bio-Bugs can emerge as the winner or loser. You will hear a victory cry from the winner, while the loser will rapidly retreat with a squelling alarm sound. As a “last resort” defense strategy, a defeated Bio-Bug will broadcast out a short range Panic Signal to other Bio-Bugs of the same species to come and help!

Increase Your Bio-Bug’s Strength and Skills:
Give Bio-Bug a better fighting chance in B.I.O. Combat by manually training your Bio-Bug to increase its strength and combat ability. To train, point the hand controller towards the Bio-Bug’s eyes. Press and hold the TRAINING button until you hear a loud fighting roar and growl. Then take hold of the Bio-Bug and stimulate its front antennas just enough to gain strength for one skill level. If you stimulate the antennas too much, the Bio-Bug will be overworked and decrease by two skill levels. At the end of every Training practice, your Bio-Bug will make a victory cry or a squealing alarm sound.

You can easily check the Bio-Bug’s skill level by pressing and holding the SKILL LEVELS button on the hand controller, its eyes will blink once for every skill level.

Be aware that a Bio-Bug is vulnerable during Training and B.I.O. Combat, when its skill level may decrease to below skill level 1. If the Bio-Bug falls below skill level 1, it will have a full system shut down and become inactive, a condition called B.I.O. Failure. Re-active by pressing the RESET button on the underside of the Bio-Bug’s body and your Bio-Bug will begin a new life!