Robot Toys

Advanced technology


RoboCup features autonomous robots competing in soccer and search-and-rescue tournaments with the goal of advancing artificial intelligence technology.

Kung Zhu battle hamsters - Train, transform, and perform in the battle arena.
Prime 8 Action Gorilla - Powerful RC robot toy.
Zibits Mini RC Robots - Remote control robots that roll around.
Stinky the Garbage Truck - When you talk to Stinky, he talks back.
Androidz - mini robots on wheels - Mini rolling action figures.
Battle Strikers - Battling top powers up to more than 6000 RPMs with the turbo launcher.
Tri-Bot - Tribot talking three-wheeled robot from Wowee robotics.
BotsShooter Bots artificial intelligence and infrared technology guide toy robot in a game of high-tech tag.
RobosapienRobosapien fast moving, fully functional humanoid robot toy can walk, run, turn, pick-up, throw, and kick by remote control.

Armorbots Armor Bots Battle Armor
Battlebots Toy
Bio-Bugs - A Revolution in Evolution
Blok Bots - Transforming Blok Bots: SCUBA Double Pack by Mega Bloks.
Cubix Robots Toys Discount
Jurassic Park 3 Toys - III
Power Rangers Wild Force - Wild Force Deluxe ISIS Command Megazord.
Rad 4 Robot With Voice
Rescue Heroes URV - Rescue Heros Ultimate Rescue Vehicle.
Robotic Bugs - Robot Bugs
Rumble Robots Invasion
Tekno Dinkies - Techno Dinky Robots
Tekno Dinosaurs - Tekno Rex
Transformer Toys Discount