Glatorian Legends

Lego Bionicle legend continues with Ackar, Mata Nui, Stronius, Vastus, Kiina, and Gelu

Glatorian LegendsOnce the Great Spirit of the universe, Mata Nui's realm and power have been stolen. Now trapped on Bara Magna he must unite it to save the universe armed with the Mask of Life, a scarab shield, and a spiky Thornax launcher. This playset combines the building creativity of Lego with the imaginative mythical world of Bionicle.

The mythical world of Bionicle unfolds on the island of Mata Nui, named after the Great Spirit that once protected its inhabitants. This universe is populated by biomechanical beings called Toa, defenders of Mata Nui, who are pitted against various antagonists like the Makuta, a dark spirit aiming to control the island. Each Toa possesses elemental powers, from fire and water to earth and air, and utilizes masks granting them unique abilities. Woven into the lore are the Matoran, the island's primary inhabitants, who play crucial roles in the overarching narrative of prophecies, battles, and quests to restore balance. Deeply rooted in its lore are themes of unity, duty, and destiny, driving the characters through epic sagas of discovery, sacrifice, and transformation.