Interactive virtual friend pets that you take care of and play with by responding to their eye expressions through sensor points

BlinkiesIn 2004, dozens of girls walked away with a brand new friend after participating in the Discover A Star Foundation fundraiser at Universal Studios Hollywood's City Walk. For a gift, girls got to spin a prize wheel, and many won a brand new Blinkies virtual friend, courtesy of Playmates Toys. Blinkies come loaded with virtual play activities, all based on building and nurturing friendship. The more girls interact with Blinkies, the more Blinkies' hearts fill with love, which made the event all the more heart-warming as all proceeds benefited Discover A Star.

BlinkyBlinkies are hand-held pets that girls get to know, take care of, play with. Blinkie has a unique LCD screen that is the window to her feelings. She communicates with her highly emotive eye expressions to let the girl know how to play and become best friends. Girls interact with Blinkie through touch sensors on Blinkie's body. Sensor points give the girl choices on how to respond to Blinkie's emotions and needs that are expressed through Blinkie's eye movements and story and play symbols on the screen area. Anything you can do with a real friend, you can do with Blinkie. Tell secrets, share fashion advice, and girl chat. The goal is to keep Blinky happy to become and stay the ultimate best friends.