Blo Pens Deluxe - Blow Paint Stencil Blowpens

Creative Activity Kit with Bonus Blo-Pens and Stencils

Blo Pens Deluxe - Blow Paint Stencil BlowpensLike miniature cans of spray paint, the pens in this 50-piece Blopens activity kit can be used to make a wide variety of colorful stencil and airbrush pictures. The kit contains 15 pens, including five color-changing ones, and 23 precut stencils. Each pen is filled with nontoxic, washable ink. By blowing into one end of the pen young artists can create a colorful airbrush effect on paper. A sturdy cardboard workstation that holds all of the pens has been included, along with eight sheets of paper, a carry case for the whole set, and an instruction and idea booklet.

Blo Pens are innovative and entertaining art tools that have captured the imagination of young artists. By simply blowing into one end of the pen, children can create stunning airbrush effects on paper. Here's why Blo Pens are considered a fun and engaging tool for young artists:

Blo Pens provide a novel and enjoyable way for children to express themselves artistically. The combination of breath control, color blending, and creative experimentation makes them a valuable addition to any young artist's toolkit. They not only foster artistic creativity but also provide opportunities for physical development and social interaction. Blo Pens are more than just a fun novelty; they are a versatile and enriching art tool that can inspire and empower young artists.